Penny RichardsCongratulations on your decision to be married! I am honored you are considering me to be the Officiant at your wedding.

This is your wedding, and I want to provide you with a ceremony that is personal, meaningful, and will bring you memories you will treasure.

I am allowed by law to perform a marriage ceremony anywhere in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Should you wish to be married in another state, we can explore whether that state offers me the opportunity to obtain a one-day-one-marriage permit to perform your ceremony. I have conducted weddings in Maine and New Hampshire.

Couples who cannot legally marry in their home state may be allowed to marry here in Massachusetts. I look forward to meeting every couple who wishes to be married. It will be my honor and privilege to work with you to create the perfect wedding ceremony for you and your beloved.

My fees are established by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. I charge $100 to perform a wedding in North Reading and $150 in any other city or town in the state. I may charge additional fees to customize your ceremony, for consultations, rehearsals and travel. We can discuss such fees in our initial conversation, for which there is no fee.

…For after these vows, you shall say to the world, I have taken my beloved into my heart….

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