Comments from some of my couples and guests…

From Kristina and Mike
Where do we being? Thank you for the beautiful ceremony, for making us feel so special, for helping us stay focused when our heads were spinning, and so much more. We are so lucky to have crossed paths with you both so many years ago. THANK YOU!

Kind words from Louis and Mary Grace
We’re so glad you could be the to spend our special day with us – we couldn’t imagine having had anyone else offiiciate the most important moment in our lives.

Amanda and Daniel write
Thank you so much for performing our ceremony! We got so many compliments on the ceremony!!! I heard that it was the most romantic ceremony they have ever been to, that people loved how it was both English and Spanish and that the JP was amazing!!!

My Campground Wedding!
We had Penny as our JP for a fall wedding at a campground. Originally we had planned to contact a couple of other JPs in order to weigh our options but the moment that we met with Penny we knew we had found “the one”. She showed such an interest in us as a couple and it was clear that it was important to her that she understand exactly what we wanted in our ceremony. She gave us many different options for readings and ceremony content which made us feel like we were making it ours. Penny was always so easy to communicate with and very responsive.

During the rehearsal and the big day it gave us such peace of mind knowing she had it all under control. Our wedding was very much DIY and we didn’t have a planner or organizer. Penny was so graceful guiding the wedding party on where to go and what to do. The ceremony was seamless. She was a very calming presence throughout the ceremony which is huge especially if you start to get choked up.

We have heard so many comments from guests about how beautiful the ceremony was and how wonderful the JP was. People truly enjoyed it and because she made it so personal they also felt connected to it. Often times wedding ceremonies can be boring and repetitive. With Penny as your JP this absolutely will not be the case! We’ll continue to recommend her to anyone in need of a JP.

Katie, the mother of the Groom, writes
I couldn’t let another day pass without dropping you a note. I can’t tell you how many of our family and friends have made a point to tell me over and over “What a beautiful ceremony it was!” Yes,  Sam(antha) and David are beautiful people, but I want to thank you for the lovely, memorable, very special, touching service. You provided something very special that day.

A sweet note from Samantha and David:
I just wanted to make sure to give you a HUGE thank you from Dave and I for helping to make our day so fantastic. We are literally getting endless compliments on our ceremony … “That was the best ceremony I have ever seen” was heard quite a bit. We owe all the props to you! Thank you for making the day extra special for us!

Kind words from Amy and Andy:
The feelings you were able to covey to our family, with a perfect pinch of humor, was something only you could have helped them understand and feel. You made them a part of the vows Andrew and I spoke. For this there are no word we possess to express our gratitude for what you gave us, our ceremony, and our family.

Mary Smith (mother of the groom) writes:
Thanks again for all your help with Amanda and J’s wedding ceremony. You and your husband were very kind and gracious to both families and to all of the guests.

Kind words from Amanda and Jim:
Jim and I had an amazing wedding day … and we wanted to thank you for making our wedding day so special.

Kind words from Kathy and Al:
Thank you for making our day so special.

Kind words from Lisa and Buck:
I cannot thank you enough for your part in our beautiful day. I have tough bikers saying, “I got chocked up, she was great!” You were great. I couldn’t have asked for more!!  Big love, Lisa and Buck

Kind words from Janet and Kevin:
I wanted to thank you again for the beautiful ceremony you did for us.   Everyone I have talked to has made a comment about the ceremony.   They have never been to a more personal ceremony where you told the story of how we met and all that lead to our Special Day.  You made our day extra special.

Kind words from Alison and Norman:
Norman and I both agree that the wedding draft you sent is perfect. I think you captured everything we want to convey to our guests.

Kind words from Stefanie and Manny:
Manny and I just wanted to thank you again for our small ceremony on Saturday. You and your husband were so kind and you made it even more perfect for us. We appreciate you being a part of such a special day for us. We are so glad we chose you!

Kind words from Kristel and Tommy:
Thank you so much! Everything you both did to help make our big day possible is greatly appreciated. Hope you had as much fun as we did!

Kind words from Cheryl and Kyle:
Thank you for all of your had work making our wedding so special. We have made a donation to the Penney Richards Memorial Fund in your name as out thank you for all your time.

Kind words from Marcella and Roland:
“Thank you so much for officiating our wedding. You are flexible and attentive. Remember when I told you that I had a hard time finding a justice of the peace on such short notice? Well, I think it was for the best and hope someday that we meet again”

Kind words from Catherine and Andrew:
“Thank you so much for yesterday! People came up to us all night saying how wonderful you were! You made our day perfect!”

Kind words from Corey and Adrienne:
“We can’t thank you enough for officiating our wedding. Your words were thoughtful and poignant. You managed to capture our love for one another with your words and delivery. You truly have a gift! Thank you again for sharing your time and energy to make our day wonderful.”

Kind words from Jason and Rachel:
“I can’t tell you how thrilled we are to have found you to officiate our wedding. It was very special to us that you took the time to hear our story and come to see our love for one another. It was so important to us to have a special connection with our officiant, and we feel we’ve found that with you. We would be honored to have you perform our wedding ceremony and look forward to working with you!”

Kind words from Susan and John:
“It was a lot of fun meeting with you yesterday morning. Like finding our special wedding rings, we feel the ceremony is going to be another very special and meaningful part of our day. Your talent for writing and asking just the right questions is a wonderful bonus to having you there with us. We look forward to our process together of creating our vows and special ceremony.”

After their wedding, Susan and John wrote a note...
“Thank you for marrying us. We are so proud and happy to be your “first”. Your words about the long and winding road of our relationship were perfect. The other guests were in disbelief that this was your first….you are a natural. It meant so much to me that your voice was guiding us along.”

Kind words from Charlene, a guest at Susan and John’s wedding:
Penny, you were wonderful and absolutely suited to perform weddings.

Kind words from Robbie and Becca:
Robbie and I can’t thank you enough for marrying us. You gave us exactly what we wanted…a short, sweet and overall amazing ceremony. We agree with what the first couple said, you are a natural. Thanks again.

From Diana after the April 1 ceremony in Boston:
“Words can’t express how thankful we are for what you made happen. It was perfect and I thank you more than you know.”

Kind words from Kerrie and Tim
Thank you so much for writing such a beautiful wedding ceremony We have enjoyed working with you can can’t wait for you to pronounce us “Husband and Wife”. Thank you for being such a big part of our day!